Two Hand Safety Guard

Photon controls India Pvt. Ltd. Offers Two Hand safety device for mechanical or rolling key power presses. Most of the accident occur in rolling key mechanism is due to operational fatigue & the mismatch of the loading & paddle operation. Two hand safety device is uses pneumatic interlock to hold ram on top position. Unless the press is operated with both the hands ram will not come down thus preventing 99 percent of risk in the operation.

The combination of Electro pneumatic operation makes it easy to operate. Making the operation simple. Even lady Operators can work easily on the press. RAM is not operated unless both switches are pressed simultaneously with both hands. This reduces the risk of accident.

Lock and key modes available so that operator can not change settings. Single stroke is ensured for every time button are pressed. for Blanking operation foot paddle single continuous stroke is also available Can be easily couples with safety guard sensors for safety enhancements. It is easy to maintain with routine dry air & oiling the valves. Two hand safety device boosts the production