Safety Light Curtains/Guards/Barriers

Photon Control's safety Guard Works on modulated Infrared beams. The latest technoque of synchronized cyclic scanning ensures the maximum safety in the dangerous operating areas such a automatic machines, all types Power Presses, Shearing, Bending Machines, Press Breaks, Injection Moulding Machines, Automatic Doors, Elevators, Robotis etc. Safety in ensured by the Invisible Infrared rays which ultimately resulta in Increased Productivity.

Photon Controls Electronic safety light curtain sensor is designed to provide maximum safety to the operator working in danger zone. Safety Light curtain works on modulated infrared beam principal with latest technique of synchronized cyclic scanning thru microcontroller programming. Then units are easy to install and can function in all types of presses in suitable position. Sensors have power indication as well as individual beam indication. It helps user to understand functioning of the unit.

The connection of the guard is thru 3 Pin,4 Pin connector which makes easy to install. Individual bye pass facility makes easy to maintain & trouble free. Total bye pass facility is provided for the die setting. Output thru double relay makes it safe. Photon electronic safety light curtain is designed keeping in view various international standards such as Immunity to magnetic field, High voltage surge suppression. Suitable mounting are provided to dampen the vibrations. Supply voltages are available 230VAC/110V/ 24 VDC. Standard Range available is 2meters & 5 meters

High reliability, Swift operation, robust design, our valuable service to our customer’s Special model for SPM can be offered.



  • High reliability
  • Long life
  • Robust design thru microcontroller operation
  • SMART beams bypass on site as per users demand
  • Customized design as per customer requirement
  • High Immunity to industrial electrical signal fluctuation and disturbances.
  • Easy Installation & may be mounted in any position.
  • Easy alignment of transmitter & receiver.
  • Cyclic scanning technique used along wih modulated infrared beams.
  • Individual beam indication for each channels & bye-pass facility.
  • Total bye-pass for safety guard & output available thru double relays.
  • Connection thru 3 pin & 4 pin connectors for easy wiring.
  • Compact handy control unit.
  • Immune to power fluctuations & machine OFF in the screen is too oily or dirty.
  • Various sizes of guards & ranges possible.
  • The use of SMD component in total solid state design increases the reliability & resulting solid state design increases the reliability & resulting into low power consumption enhancing reliability.

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Required : 230V AC + 10% (110VAC/24VDC optional)
  • Output : Potential free contacts from double relay in series 10W
  • Power Consumption : 10W
  • Range : std. 2 meteres, Higher range model also avaible.
  • Dimensions : Wall Mounting - 205x150x65mm
    Panel Mounting - 96x96x200mm
  • Covering Heights : 120 mm to 1500 mm
  • Applications : Applicable to all presses with emergency stop circut.
SG3004 30 4 120
SG4004 40 4 160
SG3006 30 6 180
SG4006 40 6 240
SG3008 30 8 240
SG4008 40 8 320
SG3010 30 10 300
SG4010 40 10 400
SG3012 30 12 360
SG4012 40 12 480
SG3014 30 14 420
SG4014 40 14 560
SG3016 30 16 480
SG4016 40 16 640
SG3018 30 18 540
SG4018 40 18 720
SG3020 30 20 600
SG4020 40 20 800
SG4025 40 25 1000
SG4030 40 30 1200