Photoelectric Switches

These are based on Modulated infrared beam principle used in non-contact switching. It can detect non-metallic, plastic, paper, transparent as well as opaque objects.depending upon availability of space in process various scanning techniques can be employed such as Thru scan , Retro reflective scan, Diffused scan. Thruscan technique helps you to edge sensing precise operation , range, design flexibility. But if process demands single side operation the user can choose between retro reflective or diffused beam scan method. There are wide range of combination supply voltages ouputs availble . size& shapes are inherent adavantages.

You can write to us with mailnly supply voltage , Output, range & type of scanning method preferred. if you could brief your application it would be best option. Photoelectric sensor is broad catageory. unless you spell your needs we are unable to offer you the exact model.